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Yacht Charter with the Whale Sharks in Belize

The 47-foot sailing catamaran Dreaming On is moving to Central America from her longtime base in the Virgin Islands

Regency Yacht Vacations just sent me a report from the 47-foot Robertson & Caine sailing catamaran Dreaming On, which has long been popular in the Virgin Islands and is trying something new this winter by moving the yacht to Belize, in Central America. The owner-operators have been scouting itineraries that charter clients might enjoy, and I have to say, what they’ve found so far in Belize sounds seriously tantalizing.

For starters, Dreaming On has already formed partnerships with two local scuba operations to ensure top-level rendezvous diving for charter clients with local pros. The Dreaming On team also has pre-scouted day trips including zip-line rides, Mayan ruin tours and hikes that lead to freshwater waterfalls and monkey preserves.

The itinerary option that really caught my attention, though, is chartering in time for the whale sharks, which traditionally swim through the waters of Belize during February, March and April. I’m told that tens of thousands of grouper and snapper congregate in a protected area where the whale sharks feed. The Dreaming On team has worked out a deal that will allow charter clients to snorkel and scuba dive in that protected area, supervised by local professionals.

Dreaming On is using the Placencia Resort as its base of operations. It’s close to the local airport that is now open, and is also near the international airport that is expected to finish construction and open sometime next year (possibly in time for the whale-shark itineraries).

The weekly base rate for six guests to charter Dreaming On is $15,450, and it includes most expenses such as food, fuel and ship’s bar. Any reputable charter broker can tell you more or help you book a week aboard in Belize this winter.


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