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Why You Need a Charter Yacht Broker

They're free, they understand the system and they know the yachts and crew

The short answer: Because they’re free

No matter what kind of charter yacht you want, the yacht’s owner or management company pays your charter broker’s fee. Charter yacht brokers are like Realtors that way. If you’re the buyer (of the vacation, in this case), then the seller is the one paying the broker commission.

Charter yacht brokers, at the end of the day, are people, and they all have different personalities and skill sets. Some are experts in the Mediterranean, others in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia. Some know more about megayachts than sailing yachts, or vice versa. Most advertise accordingly.

You can call more than one broker at first, to find one whose personality jibes with your own, but once you begin working with a broker, you need not call 16 others to check on the price for a charter yacht. In virtually all cases, every broker will get you the same price. Your choice of broker comes down to your comfort level working with the person, and the service that he or she gives you.

That service should include everything from helping you select a destination to telling you about individual crew members aboard various yachts to helping you navigate the often complex world of charter yacht contracts.


Look for professional affiliations

CharterWave only accepts advertising from charter yacht brokers who are members of key professional organizations. These include MYBA International, CYBA International, the American Yacht Charter Association and the Florida Yacht Brokers Association.

Charter yacht brokers affiliated with those four groups typically are the most knowledgeable, the best-traveled and well-networked in ways that lets them assist charter clients worldwide.

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