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Where Charter Yachts Go

Charter yachts are available all around the world, including the Mediterranean and Caribbean

Charter yachts are available all around the world:

  • West Mediterranean (including Spain, France, Monaco and Italy)
  • East Mediterranean (including Croatia, Greece and Turkey)
  • Caribbean (including Sint Maarten, Antigua, St. Barts, the Grenadines and Grenada)
  • Virgin Islands (including St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke)
  • Bahamas (including Nassau, the Exumas and the Abacos)
  • Southeast Asia (including Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia)
  • Indian Ocean (including the Seychelles and Maldives)
  • South Pacific (including Tahiti and the Society Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia)
  • Pacific Northwest (including the San Juan Islands, Vancouver, Desolation Sound and Alaska)
  • Northeast USA (including Newport, Rhode Island; Martha’s Vineyard; Cape Cod; and Maine)
  • Central America (including Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica)
  • South America (including Brazil and Patagonia)
  • Scandinavia (including Norway and Finland)
  • Greenland
  • Antarctica

Larger yachts tend to move from season to season, following the warm weather. For instance, many base in the Mediterranean during summers and the Caribbean during winters.


Charter yacht itineraries are more focused than cruise ship itineraries.

Compared with cruise ships charter yachts are smaller, carry less fuel (or primarily use sails) and typically stay at anchor or in a marina instead of cruising overnight to cover longer distances.

All of this means your charter yacht will cover a smaller geographic space in a week than a typical cruise ship.

For instance, if you want to charter a yacht for a week in the Mediterranean, you might focus solely on exploring the western coast of Italy—as opposed to a cruise ship itinerary that would make one stop in Italy in between visits to Spain, France, and Greece.

Similarly, a weeklong cruise ship itinerary in the Caribbean may include St. Thomas, St. Lucia and Cozumel, literally crisscrossing the entirety of the Caribbean Sea, while a yacht charter that starts in St. Thomas is likely to spend the rest of the week within the borders of the Virgin Islands.

The upshot for you: Instead of having less than a day at any given port to rush ashore and find a T-shirt, a yacht charter lets you slow down and really get to know a place.


Charter yacht itineraries allow for a more in-depth experience.

Covering less geographical ground in the same week’s worth of cruise vacation time means a more in-depth vacation experience.

In fact, even when a yacht charter is for a fewer number of days than a cruise-ship journey to the same destination, you are likely to see as much if not more of the actual place during the yacht charter.

You also can change your yacht charter itinerary as you go along, because the yacht is all yours for the week and you do not have to stay on a pre-arranged schedule. If you like a place, you can stay. If you don’t like a place, your charter yacht can pick up anchor and leave early.


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