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What Yacht Charters Cost

Most are advertised with a weekly base rate, allowing you to personalize the experience

Charter yachts have more variable pricing structures than cruise ships. The way you choose to use your yacht determines the amount of money you spend.

The size and style of your charter yacht are among the biggest factors in its weekly base rate, which covers the yacht and crew. Unless a yacht is advertised with an inclusive rate, the base rate does not include expenses such as food, fuel and crew gratuity. As a general rule:

  • Bareboats are less expensive than crewed yachts;
  • Smaller yachts are less expensive than bigger yachts;
  •  Sailing yachts are less expensive than motoryachts.

The number of crew  will also affect the base price for your charter yacht (more crew typically means a higher price), as will any unique features or water toys the yacht offers. Some yachts have different rates during different seasons (Christmastime in the Caribbean is quite expensive, for example), while other yachts have owners who are willing to bargain with you a bit in terms of price all year round.

When you compare the price of one 65-foot yacht with the price of another 65-foot yacht, you need to consider exactly what is included in that price. Work with a charter broker to fit your budget with a yacht’s typical base rate and customary expenses. Then, you can divide that total-cost figure by the number of people in your charter party, and you will be able to see the per-person rate—which sometimes ends up being lower than the all-expenses-included per-person rate onboard cruise ships, even if the cruise ship cabins themselves appear to be less expensive on paper.

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