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“Water, Water Everywhere…”

“… but not a pair of water skis to slalom on. Such is the case onboard the lovely 93-foot sailing yacht Patient Falcon, which I toured in Antigua before writing a First Impression for the CharterWave database. I really liked Patient Falcon, which is part of the Churchill Yachts fleet and has just been beautifully remodeled with all kinds of lovely enhancements. This yacht even has a master-cabin shower that doubles as a sauna (try finding that on any other sailing yacht in this size range). What surprised me during my tour, though, was the captain’s nonchalant comment about the yacht carrying some snorkeling gear and a good deal of fishing equipment, but no other real water toys. No skis, no kayaks–none of the types of things that, well, I usually assume are going to be onboard a sailing yacht that offers charters in the Caribbean. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Patient Falcon. She’s just a yacht that’s more decked out for people who want to sail a lot on their vacations, as opposed to people who want to sail a little bit in between water sports. Lesson learned: Don’t assume that the water toys you want will be onboard a charter yacht just because it’s based in the Caribbean, the Bahamas or another water-sports playground. Be sure to work with a reputable charter broker who can confirm that your chosen yacht will offer as many or as few water toys as you want, and who can make sure the toys’ availability is written into your charter contract if necessary.”