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Virgin Islands Charter Yacht Shows 2015

Regency Yacht Charter brokers will attend the BVI Yacht Show and VICL Charter Show.

Early November, that time of year when some people living in northern climes enjoy the changing colors of the trees. But that’s also the time when you should begin looking for the right yacht and crew to take you away from the winter weather. Charter brokers spend November traveling to view yachts at two charter shows held back to back in the US and British Virgin Islands.

That’s very true for the Regency Yacht Charter brokers who spend the days yacht hopping during the BVI Yacht Show and VICL Charter Show.

It’s not the only time we see and speak to the crews we work with, but it is a time when they put their best foot forward and we see all the latest improvements and hot new toys that clients will be able to use in the coming season. Plus we have a chance to sit and sample a meal on board a number of yachts which means many weeks of slimming in preperation!

Check with Regency brokers Kathleen and Heather to see what they recommend for winter 2015! 800-524-7676