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On Board the Charter Yacht Vertigo

The 220-foot Alloy sailing yacht was the most impressive yacht at the 2014 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Date toured: December 2014

Vertigo is a 220-foot Alloy sailing yacht that launched in 2011 and immediately began a round-the-world cruise with her owner. During her first four years on the water, the yacht did more than 100,000 miles at sea, including in Europe, the South Pacific and Asia. I got on board Vertigo in late 2014 in the Caribbean, where she was, without question, the most impressive charter yacht at the annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show.

That’s saying a lot, I know, especially at a show that also included serious megayachts such as the Picchiotti Grace E and the Nobiskrug Siren (both of which impressed me too). The thing about Vertigo is that she goes beyond just being a spectacular-looking yacht. Her owner is a highly experienced yachtsman who built in some truly innovative features that will make charter guests fantastically comfortable, and there are plans to offer charters in some wonderfully unique destinations, including Patagonia and Antarctica from November 2015 through March 2016.

It would take an entire website to list every feature that makes Vertigo special. A few of my favorites include the fact that her entire deck is flush, which means nothing for charter guests to stub their toes on; she has versatile elements including an aft-deck sun shade that converts to an outdoor movie screen at night; the windows on the aft deck can close to create an indoor space with terrific outdoor views in inclement weather; and there are not one or even two, but instead three swim platforms, one to port, one to starboard and one aft, so charter guests never have to battle “the weather side” of the yacht where the current is hitting.

These are the kinds of details you don’t see on charter yachts–or on any yachts. They are the kinds of custom design features that only an experienced yachtsman would know to request, after spending many weeks on the water himself, being frustrated by tiny details and figuring out a better way of building the boat in the first place. Charter guests will benefit from all of that experience, as well as from the enthusiasm of Capt. Shane Quinlan )one of two rotating captains) and his crew.

“I want the guests to join in,” he told me while standing at Vertigo‘s impressive helm on the flybridge. “Sailing a boat like this is an extraordinary feeling, and I do it all the time. For someone doing it for the first time, it must be phenomenal.”


Vertigo is part of the Y.CO charter fleet. Any reputable charter broker can tell you more or help you book a week on board.–Kim Kavin

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