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Spiffy New Site

“I was hopping around the World Wide Web yesterday, looking for some information about a few crewed charter yachts, when I landed at the all-new and much-improved online home of Merrill-Stevens. Until now, the company’s site had been a hodgepodge that combined the former Merrill-Stevens site with that of Koch, Newton & Partners, which Merrill-Stevens acquired in 2006. Frankly, the combined site was a bit ugly and tough to use. The new site is much nicer and easier to navigate, including the charter section. It features suggested charter itineraries, tips for anyone booking a charter, and a section I’ve not seen on any other charter company’s website: “megayachts over 12 passengers.” That growing niche in the charter market is something we’ve talked about here on CharterWave (see our First Impression of Sherakhan), and it’s nice to see a charter company focusing on it on their own website. You can check out the new online look of Merrill-Stevens by clicking here.”