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Sea to Table, Croatia Shell Farms

Fresh Raw Oysters in Croatia

When talking about shells in Croatia it is all about shell fish farming; a lively industry in the Adriatic Sea on the coastline and inlets of Croatia. Here is the original Sea to Table dining on board charter yachts, as the Captain can purchase freshly harvested oysters and mussels right from the shell fish farmer to serve on board the same day as plucked from the waters for the real sea to table dining experience in Croatia.  Most shell farmers in Croatia are happy to sell directly to the Chef on board your charter yacht from the shell farm float, selling shell fish plucked right from the sea. It is impossible for shell fish to be any fresher. And tasting really fresh, briny shell fish harvested minutes before being served, as can be done on a yacht charter in Croatia, is a fabulous and never forgotten culinary experience.

Great Mali Ston Restaurant, Bota Sare, in Croatia

Shell farming in Croatia is focused on mussels, oysters and clams; all grown in the salty or brackish waters of Croatia and seeded to grow in cages to protect the final harvest from those other than humans that also love a shell fish snack. Today, the “farming” locations are Lim Channel near Rovinj and Ston Bay near Dubrovnik; which are the two most well know areas of shell farming in Croatia. And just as the waters differ along the coast from bay to bay so does the taste and flavor of the shell fish grown in each different patch of the Adriatic Sea. Cruising from shell farm to shell farm on a crewed luxury yacht charter in Croatia can be as fun and enjoyable as cruising from winery to winery. In fact, consider combining the two and enjoy both shell fish and wine tasting on the same yacht charter cruising itinerary along the coast and through the islands of Croatia.

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