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Sailing and Diving in the BVI

A dive charter in the BVI is a great way to satisfy all your needs

Scuba diving is among one of the more popular recreational sports when visiting the Caribbean. A dive charter in the BVI is a great way to satisfy all your needs. Whether you are an avid dive junkie or the occasional diver, there are sites that can accommodate all levels of ability and interest. Many dive sites are also accessible to snorkelers who prefer to stay on top of the water. For example, the Wreck of The Rhone, which lies in the British Virgin Islands rests in approximately 30 to 80 feet of water. Parts of this wreck are easily visible from the surface and the site has won many accolades as one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. For movie buffs, portions of the 1977 film The Deep were filmed at the Rhone off Peter Island.

Chartering your own crewed yacht is a popular way to combine dive and yachting vacations. Many of your captains and chefs these days perform double duty as dive instructors or dive masters. Larger boats may have dedicated dive professionals on-board for those who want to dive, dive, dive. Not all crewed charter yachts offer diving but rendezvous diving is readily available in most locations if requested. More on Sailing and Diving in the BVI.

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