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Nifty New Water Toy


“The 65-foot sailing trimaran Promenade, at about 30 years old, is neither the newest nor the fanciest yacht that’s available for charter in the Virgin Islands. That’s why the owners and crew continue to go out of their way to add nifty amenities for charter guests to enjoy. When I hopped onboard for a quick look-see in St. Thomas earlier this month, the crew were promoting the fact that the yacht has scuba gear and swimming noodles with this hilarious setup: promenade-scuba-gear.JPG Even better, up on the front of the yacht, Promenade was displaying a new water toy that I haven’t seen onboard any other yacht, at any price. According to the crew, guests are in love with this inflatable thing, which floats attached to the back of the yacht at cocktail hour each night: promenade-swim-seat.JPG These are the kinds of simple things that really can make the experience onboard one charter yacht better than the experience onboard another. Kudos to the Promenade team for continuing to find new ways to help charter guests enjoy their vacation in the islands. If you’re interested in trying out these water toys yourself during a vacation onboard Promenade, contact any reputable charter broker.”