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Motoryacht Sherakhan Planning Global Itineraries

The 228-foot expedition yacht has itineraries open everywhere from Antarctica to Brunei

The 228-foot motoryacht Sherakhan is currently planning a 38,000-nautical-mile cruise around the world, with charter itineraries available everywhere from Antarctica to Brunei.

Currently, Sherakhan is in Northern Europe preparing for the extended cruising period. She is expected to be available in the Caribbean during the winter 2013-14 charter season, moving down the east coast of South America and arriving in Patagonia and Antarctica for charters there during February and March 2014. (The photo at right is the view from Sherakhan‘s bow during the yacht’s last visit to Antarctica.)

Sherakhan will cruise from Antarctica to South Africa, where she will charter during March and April 2014 before moving on to Madagascar and arriving in Southeast Asia, where she’ll charter through July 2014.

The remainder of the summer 2014 charter season will be spent in Bali, Brunei, and the Philippines, where Sherakhan will remain through September 2014. The yacht will then move to Irian Jaya, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and French Polynesia through November 2014. Sherakhan will make way to Galapagos, Costa Rica, and Panama by December 2014, chartering there before going through the Panama Canal and returning to her starting point in the Caribbean Sea during early 2015.

As you know if you are a regular CharterWave reader, I’ve been a fan of Sherakhan for quite a number of years now. I’ve been onboard her everywhere from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, and even though plenty of new megayachts have launched since she started chartering, she still has what I think is one of the most impressive formal dining areas afloat. Her crew are well trained and highly experienced, and her owner is personally involved in making sure that charters go smoothly.

YCO Yacht manages Sherakhan for charter, and any reputable charter broker can help you book a week onboard during the upcoming world cruise. You can also keep up with the yacht’s latest news at the Sherakhan website.

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