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Luxury Yacht Charter in Exotic Indonesia

Puffing Volcano seen from the Sea In Indonesia

Indonesia, an exotic country, where so many different yacht charter itineraries and exciting, outstandingly unique experiences are available from the decks of your luxury charter yacht, which is your home away from home, your 5 star hotel with top level service and outstanding cuisine, that you bring with you to every remote anchorage for these experiences of a life time.

Such as:

  • Anchor under puffing volcanoes in Volcano Alley, where gentle breezes blow through the palm fronds. Anchor in the shadow of a puffing volcano and watch as the sun sets. On the usual perfect clear day, as the sun sets into night, the reflection of the sun against the smoke particles gives a unique orange glow to the sky.
Raja Ampat Cave
  • Swim deep into a mountain in a cave where the cave entrance is guarded by the ancient graves of village elders, while on either side of the cave entrance, in various little cubby holes washed into the limestone cliffsides are graves of other villagers from long ago, where today only skeletons remain. The water colors created from bits of sunlight that peak through various places in the mountainside are beautiful and it is a refreshing change to spend time inside the cave as a relief from the hot sun outside reflecting off of the white limestone cliffs.
Ikat Textile Weaving
  • Hike inland to a local village to see how Ikat Textiles are created. After growing cotton, harvesting, carding, spinning, (using a spindle and their toes) and dying the strands, the women weave unique Ikat Textiles by hand, where warp and weft cotton strands are “lost” to coloring by natural homemade dyes, through wrapping those strands in resist fibers such as the fibers of palm leaves. Weaving is done on small looms made from wood and tree branches, with women sitting on the ground. Anchor nearby and visit Ikat Textile Weaving Villages for weaving demonstrations, dancing exhibitions, and the chance to purchase beautifully hand dyed, hand woven textiles from the hands of the weaver.
Komodo Dragon walking at the beach on Komodo Island
  • See the Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat in its only known home on earth. As the Komodo Island is a National Park, a National Park Ranger will guide you around the island to see the Komodo Dragon living in its natural habitat. Komodo Island is but one island in the Komodo Archipelago, all of which are lovely, with beautiful beaches, including a pink sand beach, surrounded by orange, red and copper striated mineral filled mountain sides and lovely water.
Nurse Shark and Reef Sharks
  • On the northern side of Papua and West Papua, New Guinea is Cenderawasih Bay. Included in the Bay is Teluk Cenderawasih Bay National Park, the largest marine National Park in Indonesia. The area is lovely and excellent for cruising with beautiful and extensive coral reefs and an enormous amount of natural and marine life. However, the real draw of Cenderawasih Bay is swimming with the whalesharks in the southern area of the bay near Nabire. Here the whalesharks live year-round, gathering nearly every single day to circle under fishermen platforms called “bagans”, in the hopes of sucking some fish out of their storage nets for a snack. This is the location to swim with the whalesharks as the whalesharks are far more interested in dining on the fish they might be able to steal than dining on you. Swimming with these huge creatures is an extraordinary experience.

In everyone of these outstanding locations in Indonesia, the best way to reach these unique “Bucket List” locations is by private yacht charter.  Here at Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters we are very familiar with each of these cruising areas in Indonesia and arranging a great charter to experience all that there is to see and do in each cruising area.