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“Location, Location, Location”

“Take a look at this photograph that I snapped recently onboard a charter yacht: gymnasium.JPG Now, if you saw this photograph in the yacht’s glossy brochure, you’d probably think, “Perfect! This yacht has a well-equipped gym, just like I want to have onboard during my charter.” And then you’d move on to the next page, with the photo of the beautiful dining room, and then on to the next page, with the photo of the hot tub, and so on. The thing is, when deciding which charter yacht has the amenities you will most enjoy, it sometimes pays to try to see beyond the picture in the brochure–or at least to ask questions about the pictures you’re being shown. In this particular case, to get to this gymnasium, I had to leave the yacht’s guest areas, walk into the crew area and past the laundry room, then climb precariously backwards down a ladder with narrow steps. Is that the end of the world? Of course not–but I’ll bet it’s not what you’d expect to find based solely on this photo of a beautifully finished gymnasium. Onboard this particular yacht, knowing the location of the gym before booking happens to be just as important as knowing that the gym exists. Any reputable charter broker should point out these kinds of interior design flaws onboard the yachts you’re considering for your own vacation, but if there’s a particular room that you’re keen to use often because it looks nice in the brochure, you’d be wise to ask about its accessibility. As the adage goes, location can mean everything in terms of value.”