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Interview with Capt. Barney Latham of Campai

The 72-foot Southern Wind sailing yacht is available for Caribbean yacht charter

During the recent Antigua Charter Yacht Show, I had a chance to sit down with Capt. Barney Latham of the 72-foot Southern Wind sailing yacht Campai. She’s not the type of yacht that generally gets a lot of attention at boat shows, given that she launched back in 1993 and is easily overshadowed by swanky new 150-foot motoryachts lining the same marina docks. I was happy to get aboard, though, as a reminder of how great charter yachts like Campai can be.


I know from the yacht’s specs that Campai was most recently refit in 2013, and being on board today, I can see that she looks great. Do you find it hard to get people to notice her, given her age?

We like to say she’s almost a classic. We try to get attention for more than just the boat, but also for what we do aboard. We’re a CYBA “green boat,” for instance. We try to be aware of the environment.


Sitting here in the cockpit, I can’t help but look up in awe at the nearby superyachts. How have you seen the charter market change as the competition has gotten so much bigger?

As the other boats are getting bigger, Campai looks smaller. That’s true. But those other boats aren’t anything like us. We’re still great for a couple. We can take up to six guests, but four is ideal, and couple on charter with us is going to feel like they have more than enough space.


What is your ideal group for a charter?

Our master is bigger than the other cabins, so we like to have adults chartering with their kids or their friends.

Campai is part of the Nicholson Yachts charter fleet. She’s in the Caribbean this winter and is expected to charter in New England for summer 2016. Any reputable charter broker can tell you more or help you book a week aboard.

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