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Happy Anniversary (to Me)

“Well, folks, today is my second wedding anniversary. My husband and I have reservations for a lovely dinner this evening followed by a trip next month up to Montreal, Canada, for a long weekend of leaf-peeping and apple cider tasting. More than a few family members have asked me why we’re not going on a short charter yacht vacation instead. “I guess it’s too expensive for just a second anniversary,” one quipped. Another added, “Aren’t those yachts priced by the week? You can’t do a three- or four-day getaway.” Oh, how wrong they are. On the question of cost, there are plenty of charter yacht vacations that are onboard fully crewed boats and yet cost just a few thousand dollars a week. This is especially true in the Virgin Islands, where some all-inclusive yachts are designed specifically for couples to charter on their own without breaking the bank. On the question of time, yes, it’s true that charter yachts have base rates listed for a weeklong vacation. But if you want to be onboard for only three or four days, any reputable charter broker can negotiate the yacht’s price down to reflect the actual usage. Typically, you can divide the weekly rate by seven (as in days) and then just pay for the days that you actually spend onboard. So why, then, are my husband and I forgoing a charter for this particular anniversary celebration? To be honest, it’s because there are a few restaurants in Montreal and Upstate New York that my husband and I have had our eyes on for years. Frankly, a yacht is just a bit impractical in the inland mountains!”