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Forget What You See on the News: Greece is Finishing a Great Season

Athens Yachts says some yachts are booking well into October

Like everyone else, I watched tons of news reports this past summer about how the economy in Greece was a disaster, tourism was taking a hit and people were having trouble getting even a few euro at a time out of the ATMs. All that press attention could have easily made yacht charter clients think, “You know what? Let’s wait for things to cool down and go somewhere else for our summer vacation this year.”

But it didn’t happen.

In fact, according to the most recent information I’ve received from Athens Yachts, quite a lot of Greece charter yachts had bang-up seasons–and are still chartering now, promoting their programs for dates well into October.

The 130-foot Westport motoryacht Endless Summer, for example, was booked solid from June 1 through August 27. The 121-foot Couach motoryacht Dragon had even more business, sometimes doing one-day turnarounds between charters, from June 2 through September 21. The 115-foot Maiora motoryacht Paris A had a similar calendar, with wall-to-wall bookings that started June 16. That yacht is still at it, too, finishing her last booking next week.

These three popular yachts and several others in the Athens Yachts fleet are still looking for late-season business, and they obviously have owners who are keen to maximize the season (if you’re thinking about asking for a late-season discount). If you put off your Greece yacht charter this past summer because of the news, then maybe now is the time to go. Or, at the very least, to book for next summer, before the calendars of these popular charter yachts fully fill out again.

Any reputable charter broker can tell you more about charter yachts with late-season availability in Greece.


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