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Forget Footsie

“Back in early December, I posted from the St. Maarten Charter Yacht Exhibition that some of the yachts were advertising themselves as “sleeps 12” when, in reality, “sleeps 8 comfortably” was a more accurate description of the onboard accommodations. The post was called Pillow Talk. I want to help you visualize this point with a photograph I snapped onboard a motoryacht at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show. This yacht promotes this space as sleeping six people comfortably: guest-cabin-with-facing-beds.JPG Your eyes are not deceiving you: That’s two double-size beds jammed against one another at the foot, with two bunk-style Pullman berths above them. Now, maybe if you’re a 12-year-old girl interested in a slumber party, this cabin indeed would sleep six people comfortably. But for grownups paying the yacht’s weekly base rate of $62,000 per week–about $6,500 per person with average 25-percent expenses included–I’m guessing the accommodations are going to be less than what you imagined. This is the kind of detail I’m talking about when I suggest that you work with a reputable charter broker when booking a yacht of any kind, in any price range. It’s the job of the broker to get onboard these yachts and know every detail about them, including the configurations of the cabins and beds. There’s simply no reason to end up in a cabin like this if you have something else in mind. Protect yourself by working with a broker, if only so that you don’t have to play footsie throughout the duration of your charter.”