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“Et Tu, Travel + Leisure?”

“It came to my attention yesterday that the current issue of Travel + Leisure magazine lists its “2007 World’s Best” of everything from airlines to islands. I learned this because of a press release from charter company The Moorings, which was excited to be included in one of the lists. So I went to the Travel + Leisure website to check out that list, to see what other charter companies had made the cut. That’s where I learned that The Moorings was the only charter company there–under the heading “Tour Operators and Safari Outfitters.” This heading was right next to two others that caught my attention: “Large-Ship Cruise Lines” and “Small-Ship Cruise Lines.” Now, I’m sure many of you remember my post from a few weeks back about another major travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, completely screwing up its attempt to write an article about yacht charter. I have to say, as bad as that reporting was, the magazine at least knew that charter companies providing personalized yacht cruises were not “tour operators.” It should come as no surprise to you regular readers of this CharterWave blog that while charter companies are shoved aside in the Travel + Leisure issue, cruise ships have two entire categories all to themselves. Once again, you’re seeing the effects of massive cruise ship advertising budgets as compared with the small amount of money each charter yacht owner can spend on promoting his own boat, let alone the charter industry itself. And, once again, I hope you’ll see why we here at CharterWave do our best to help you understand your charter yacht vacation options each and every day. As I’ve written before, we’re certainly not the biggest travel-oriented website out there. But on the subject of yacht charter, we continue to be proved the best.”