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Compare Yachts in ‘Green’ Style


“The charter agency (a CharterWave sponsor) has a nifty new feature on its website for anyone who wants to be environmentally minded when choosing a charter yacht. boatbookingslogo1.jpg As with many charter websites, when you click on the name of a charter yacht at to learn more information, you’ll get standard items like boat length, number of cabins, and the like. Now, though, you will also get carbon emissions data on that very same page, allowing you to compare one yacht’s CO2 emissions against another’s before deciding which charter is right for you. That’s a feature I haven’t seen anywhere else. What a great idea. If you click on this Mangusta 80 motoryacht, for instance, you’ll see that she creates about 9,500 pounds of CO2 during a typical three-hour cruise. If you compare that to this 120-foot Benetti motoryacht, you’ll see that the latter creates about 5,200 pounds of CO2 during the same cruising time. Bigger boat, fewer emissions–if that is one of the criteria on which you plan to choose a charter yacht. In each case, tells you what it would cost to offset the yacht’s typical emissions with carbon credits. You can extrapolate the total for a week’s charter or longer by multiplying the number of days you plan to cruise by the typical three-hours-per-day cruising that is typical onboard most charter yachts. “This, of course, is just an estimate,” President Tom Virden told me. “If the customer wants to be precise, we just ask the captain to provide us with how much fuel was actually consumed at the end of the charter. We then calculate the exact CO2 emissions and the cost to offset them. We bill the client and then buy carbon credits in this amount–and we obviously take no commission or kickback.” Virden says the CO2 information is currently available on about 10 percent of the charter yacht listings at the company’s website. The rest will become available as quickly as the staff can type them into the database. If the charter yacht you’re considering isn’t yet one of the ones with this feature on its page, then you might also check out this general description of green chartering or use the carbon emissions calculator, which you can access through a link on that same page. Good stuff, indeed, for us as charterers and for the planet in general.”