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Checking Your Charter Receipts

Clients are entitled to see all receipts, and to have their broker reconcile all accounts with the yacht

I had an interesting discussion at lunch here at the Antigua charter yacht show about end-of-charter receipts–and what charter guests are entitled to.

It seems there have been some instances in which yacht captains are overcharging charter guests for things like food, fuel, and other items that the guests ask to have onboard. This is not a rampant problem, by any means, but a reputable charter broker brought it up at lunch, and other brokers nodded along with the story, which makes me believe it’s happened at least a few times.

As it turns out, the conversation turned to the fact that all receipts are due to the charter client–you–at the end of your time onboard. You can either go through them yourself, or, if you’re working with a reputable charter broker, ask him or her to go through them for you to ensure that you have not been overcharged.

I think the latter is ideal, especially because many charter brokers started out their careers working on boats themselves (and thus know where overcharges are most likely to turn up). On charters that cost upwards of $25,000 per week, brokers told me, you can sometimes find several thousand dollars worth of overcharges that can, and should, go back to the charter guest’s bank account.

Like I said, this does not appear to be a rampant problem, but it’s worth noting at an economic time when most people are counting every penny. Better to follow the advice of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan: Trust, but verify.

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