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CharterWave Editor Publishes Ninth Book: ‘Little Boy Blue’

The book is about dog rescue, with a portion of proceeds going to the Petfinder Foundation

If you’ll all indulge me with a bit of self-promotion here on the blog today, I am excited to report that on August 1, New York-based publisher Barron’s released my ninth book. It’s my first hardcover, titled Little Boy Blue: A Puppy’s Rescue from Death Row and His Owner’s Journey for Truth.

Little Boy Blue tells the story of Blue, a puppy I adopted in New Jersey back in 2010. Not long after bringing him home, I learned that Blue had been on death row in a gas-chamber shelter in North Carolina just a few weeks earlier. I traced Blue’s history all the way back to the cage where he once sat some 500 miles away. Little Boy Blue uses his story to tell the broader story of dog-rescue efforts across America today, including interstate transports that have grown to the scope of a modern-day Underground Railroad.

And, believe it or not, there is a yachting connection in Little Boy Blue. One of the dog-rescue workers I interviewed was cruising with me aboard a 130-foot Westport motoryacht from the Bahamas back to Miami after a charter feature at Bimini Bay Resort. I was heading to the airport from Miami, but she was rushing downtown to save a Labrador who was scheduled to die that day in the city’s animal shelter. (She got there on time.) She also told me about a dog she saved previously who was once slated to be killed, but who now lives on a motoryacht in the Bahamas. Imagine that—a once-homeless dog who lives on a motoryacht today.

I’m also thrilled to report that Barron’s is donating a portion of all proceeds from sales of Little Boy Blue to the Petfinder Foundation. That means the more books we sell, the more dogs like my boy Blue can be rescued into loving homes.

Learn more about the book, read the first two chapters for free, or order your own copy at the Little Boy Blue website. If you’re curious about what I do at home when I’m not covering the charter industry, you can also follow Blue on Facebook. There, you’ll find updates about my foster puppies and the mayhem they are causing on any given day while I’m trying to write this blog at my desk in the home office.

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