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Charter in the Solomon Islands with a Submersible

The 209-foot expedition yacht SuRi has charter dates open in July and August

There is super-cool news to share today from 37 South in New Zealand: The 209-foot expedition motoryacht SuRi will be available for charter during July and August 2015 in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea–and she’ll have a brand-new C-Explorer 3 submersible to take charter guests deep below the surface for underwater adventures.

SuRi underwent a major refit in 2012 that included a 35-foot mid-body extension, the addition of a climate-controlled dining room on her top deck, enlarged guest cabins and the installation of huge glass windows in the floor of a bottom-deck media room that turn whatever is beneath the yacht into a private aquarium. The work was done in California, and SuRi left there bound for exploration of Patagonia and Antarctica before heading to the South Pacific to offer charters there.

The yacht has an impressive amount of space dedicated to toys for playing above and below the water, and the C-Explorer 3 is the owner’s newest addition. Built by U-Boat Worx, it is rated to carry three people more than 3,000 feet below the ocean surface for a total dive time as long as 16 hours. Its design includes an acrylic pressure hull that offers 360-degree views, and it moves at a speed of 3 knots. Where SuRi will be cruising next summer, the submersible will allow access not only to marine life, but also to some deep wrecks from World War II.

SuRi accommodates 12 guests at a lowest weekly base rate of $295,000. You can learn more at the SuRi website, or contact any reputable charter broker to book dates for summer 2015 in the Solomon Islands or Papua New Guinea.



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