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Bahamas, Where Pigs Don’t Fly..

Swimming pig in a water at beach on Exuma Bahamas

Swimming Pig in the Exumas

….they swim.  Feral pigs in the Exumas south of Staniel Cay have made Big Major Cay their home, and what may have started as one or two pigs, is now a whole pack of pigs. As this is a tiny Cay, these pigs rely on visiting yachtsmen arriving in tenders from either their own private yacht or a private charter yacht for sustenance. And so an ongoing symbiotic relationship continues daily in this little corner of the world between pigs and yachtsmen; all of which flies in the face of an age old superstition where sailors fear to even say the word “pig”, lest they meet with the fate of the Biblical Gadarene Swine.

Swimming pigs of the Bahamas in the Out Islands of the Exuma

Head to Big Major Cay by ship’s tender; where upon hearing the sound of the outboard engine in the distance, the pigs will dash across the beach and come a-swimming to you.  It may very well be more than one pig. Mom and Dad Pig teach their little piglets from the cradle how to swim, in order to participate in this food foraging exercise.  There may very well be a full family of pigs swimming out to your tender for snacks. 

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There are several unwritten Golden Rules one should remember and abide by when feeding swimming pigs; which are learned fast if not applied from the get-go:

  • Don’t go ashore on Great Major Cay as you may well be head butted by a 400 pound large pink pig looking to search your pockets for snacks.
  • When visiting by ship’s tender, don’t let the pig climb into the tender with you, as they will, which could cause tender flotation problems.
  • Hurl the food to the pigs, rather than feeding by hand, as these feral pigs are non-comital in their menu selection and will chew on anything including human fingers.
  • These pigs are feral and are far more interested in food than being scratched, petted, photographed, or swimming with a human swimming partner.  Don’t get cozy with a feral pig.

Little piglet in a water at beach on Exuma Bahamas

Reports back are that lettuce is not high on the swimming pig’s list of likes.  Doritos; however, were.  This may be the only location in the world, where the unlikely combination of pigs and sailors unite in this particular dynamic where sailors support rather than suppress porcine life.  As always, great things happen on a crewed yacht charter.