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Antigua: A Caribbean Yacht Charter Hub

The northern Caribbean island has 365 beaches and is within cruising distance of St. Barts

Antigua is one of the northern Caribbean’s primary hub for yacht charter vacations. Its three primary marinas—at Falmouth Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard and the Antigua Yacht Club—play host and homeport each winter to some of the world’s premier charter yachts with crew. The photo above was taken at Falmouth Harbour in early December, of a typically stunning sunset.

Itineraries from Antigua can include islands such as St. Barts, Sint Maarten and Anguilla. It’s also possible to create an entire weeklong itinerary that circumnavigates Antigua, visiting different beaches and different parts of the island each day.

One of the best parts about an Antigua yacht charter is that in addition to enjoying the sun and fun, you can do a fair bit of yacht-spotting. Anyone interested in seeing some of the most beautiful yachts afloat will find them in Antigua’s waters from about November through April.

To see which yachts are currently available for an Antigua yacht charter, click on the Antigua tag below.

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