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10 Best Questions to Ask Your Charter Broker

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How did you get into the charter business? Brokers who previously worked onboard charter yachts tend to know the ins and outs of the business the best.

What was the last industry-only boat show you attended? Brokers who attend shows in Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Tortola, Genoa, Poros and Marmaris tend to be the most knowledgable about the industry as a whole.

Have you cruised in my destination? A broker who has had her own two feet on the ground will know your chosen destination better than a broker who researches it from back home.

Which of the yachts you’re suggesting have you been onboard? A broker who has been onboard a yacht will know it far better than a broker who has only seen pictures.

How long were you onboard? A broker who has spent a few days cruising onboard a yacht will know it better than a broker who spent 10 minutes touring the yacht at a boat show.

What can you tell me that isn’t in the brochure? This tests the broker’s knowledge of information that must be researched personally, through industry contacts.

To which professional organizations do you belong? The four most reputable are MYBA, CYBA International, AYCA and FYBA. You can verify your broker’s standing through membership lists online.

What is the most difficult charter experience you’ve ever had? Your goal with this question is to determine how the broker treats and/or helps clients when problems arise.

How can I reach you during my charter? If the broker doesn’t give you a cell hpone number in case of problems, you might want to consider choosing a different broker.

Where can I learn more about you from an independent source? If we have featured the broker in a CharterWave interview, then we know the person from international boat shows and professional organizations.