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10 Best Charter Yacht Captains

These captains set the tone for outstanding charter yacht vacations, brokers say

Churchill Yacht Partners tells us they receive excellent client feedback about Capt. Bernard Calot aboard the 121-foot Crescent motoryacht Olga: “He is an excellent captain, charming, knowledgeable, very good with people, hard working and multi lingual (he speaks Spanish, French, and English). He is also a good leader and inspires his crew to give 150 percent to their guests.”

Charter broker Carol Kent has two recommendations this week. First is for Capt. Greg Russell aboard the 142-foot Palmer Johnson motoryacht Lady J: “I booked a family of 12 on Lady J during the Fourth of July, led by a considerate, thoughtful family man. He kept thanking Capt. Greg and the crew all week long. He loved him.”

Charter broker Carol Kent also recommends Capt. Paulo Guedes aboard the 130-foot Christensen motoryacht Sweet Escape: “He connected right away with my client to review a variety of itinerary options—one of which I didn’t even know existed. Capt. Paulo is calm and cool. My clients are having a great time onboard in New England.”

CharterWave editor Kim Kavin has some recommendations this week, as well. First is Capt. Winston Joyce-Clarke aboard the 147-foot Aquos motoryacht Big Fish: “I spent a week aboard Big Fish in the Society Islands with Capt. Winston and his team, and they introduced me to a new experience every single day that I was onboard. That’s not something that’s easy to do, since I’ve been covering luxury yacht charter for 12 years all around the world.”

Kim also likes Capt. Will Keiser aboard the 183-foot Benetti motoryacht Four Aces: “I have done stories with Capt. Will a few times as he has moved up to bigger and bigger charter yachts. With Four Aces, he brings his thorough professionalism and fun-loving style to a really beautiful boat.”

Another of Kim’s favorite captains is Lynn Griffiths aboard the 72-foot sailing yacht Pacific Wave: “There are so few women captains in the yachting industry that Lynn stands out just because of her gender. But then I got to know her, and I learned that she is meticulous in trying to run a top-notch charter program. I think she’s aces.”

Kim is also a fan of Capt. James Knowles aboard the 168-foot Oceanco motoryacht Lazy Z: “Capt. James worked his way up the ranks of this yacht and knows it inside and out. He is one of the most professional, fun-loving captains in the industry, and Lazy Z always looks spectacular.”

Yet another of Kim’s favorite charter yacht captains is Roy Hodges aboard the 150-foot Trinity motoryacht Encore: “I’ve done a few stories with Capt. Roy over the years, and he is always professional and fun and a delight to spend time with onboard. He works hard to make sure his whole crew is as perfect as they can be. I just love his attitude and style.”

Kim also likes Capt. Bill Hawes aboard the 161-foot Trinity motoryacht Destination Fox Harb’r Too: “Capt. Bill runs a tight ship—and a beautiful one, too—but he is at the same time one of the calmest, most fun-loving captains I know. I really enjoy every chance I get to spend time cruising with him.”

Last but not least this week is Kim’s recommendation for Capt. Nigel Burnet aboard the 161-foot Feadship motoryacht Teleost: “I spent time cruising with Capt. Nigel aboard Teleost a number of years ago in the Seychelles, and I still remember that charter as one of my favorites of all time. I ran into him last year in Antigua, and he remembered me on sight. Not a lot of captains could do that. He’s so wonderful in the way he makes guests feel special.”

10 Best Charter Yacht Captains

  • Trinity charter yacht Encore
  • Benetti charter yacht Four Aces
    Four Aces
  • Crescent charter yacht Olga
  • Palmer Johnson charter yacht Lady J
    Lady J
  • Christensen charter yacht Sweet Escape
    Sweet Escape
  • Aquos charter yacht Big Fish
    Big Fish
  • pacific-wave
    Pacific Wave
  • Oceanco charter yacht Lazy Z
    Lazy Z
  • Trinity charter yacht Destination Fox Harb'r Too
    Destination Fox Harb'r Too
  • Feadship charter yacht Teleost

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