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  • Symi, Greece

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    Your Total Yacht Charter Budget

    A yacht’s base rate is the weekly price for chartering the boat—but often it does not include things such as food, fuel, dockage and other common expenses that can increase the yacht’s total cost by 25 percent or more. These expenses typically are not included in base rates because different people use yachts differently (that’s a primary benefit […]

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    How Big a Yacht Can You Afford?

    This story’s headline is one of the most common questions that CharterWave readers ask. As the site’s editor, I receive e-mail after e-mail that wonders: • “I want to spend $10,000 total for the week, with everything included for my entire family. Is a $10,000-per-week sailboat in the Virgin Islands really all-inclusive?” • “We have […]

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