Reputable Charter Brokers

These CharterWave sponsors are also members of leading professional organizations worldwide

Churchill Yacht Partners is a company that specializes in crewed yacht charter, both managing its own fleet of charter yachts and helping clients to book yachts from other respected fleets worldwide.

Senior charter broker Maggie Vale is a former delivery captain who has sailed extensively throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean and beyond. She is also a leading member of the American Yacht Charter Association.

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Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters Newport is based in Rhode Island and focuses exclusively on booking crewed yacht charter vacations.

Charter broker Missy Johnston was instrumental in creating the American Yacht Charter Association contracts still used today to protect clients when booking their charters aboard motoryachts and sailing yachts alike, and has served as AYCA’s president. She is also a member of the professional organization MYBA International.

Charter broker Carolyn Titus is a sailor who regularly participates in regattas. She was a founding member of the American Yacht Charter Association and helped to create what has become the largest annual charter yacht show in Europe.

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Regency Yacht Vacations is headed by Kathleen Mullen, a longtime broker who is based in the Virgin Islands. The company’s brokers book crewed charter yachts worldwide and manage a well-respected fleet of yachts that are based in the Virgin Islands.

Kathleen is an active member of the CYBA International professional organization, as well as a member of the American Yacht Charter Association. She is often tapped to mentor new brokers coming into the global yacht charter industry.

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Nicholson Yachts is based in Newport, Rhode Island, where it manages one of the world’s largest fleet of sailing yachts for charter. The company helps clients book motoryachts and sailing yachts for charter in all destinations, including the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Karen Kelly is the president and CEO at Nicholson Yachts, and she personally assists many clients in booking their yacht charter vacations. Karen is a member of the professional organizations CYBA International and the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, and has a personal background that includes having worked as crew aboard yachts.

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Infinity Yacht Charters specializes in the art of luxury yacht charter vacations, with a particular emphasis on family vacations. Broker Michael Sawyer observes, “If the kids are happy, everyone’s happy!”

Michael has personally traveled and experienced yachts and crews in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Indonesia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Sardinia, Tahiti/French Polynesia, Fiji, Belize, the Galapagos and Mexico. Michael has also crafted adventurous yacht charters in Antarctica and Greenland. Based in the Pacific Northwest, he has expertise in Alaska, British Columbia and Washington state.  Michael is a member of AYCA, CYBA International and IYBA.

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