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Cruise Down the Dalyan River in Turkey

The Dalyan River is a 'must-do' on a crewed yacht charter along the southern coast of Turkey

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Dalyan River Cruise Turkey
A pre-arranged trip down the Dalyan River a “must-do” on a crewed yacht charter along the southern coast of #Turkey. This trip is easily done as part of your yacht charter itinerary and pickup right from your yacht anchored in Ekincek Bay is the best location to begin.  After enjoying breakfast on board on anchor, a flat bottomed river boat with your guide will come along side, for a private boarding right at your yacht and from there you will motor to the entrance of the #DalyanRiver for a cruise up the river to see Caunos and the Lycian Tombs. You’ll be treated to the Spectacular beauty of pine trees lining the beaches surrounding the entrance from which the river winds inland around tall reed banks and the beach front of the Dalyan River, and the spit of beach sand, is a nesting ground for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, so usually a cluster of sea turtles can be seen gathered around a feeding #boat.
As you pass over the sandbar and into the narrow, reed-clad channels, it feels like the “African Queen” revisited! This image is quickly dispelled as the river opens up further on, and the Lycian cliff tombs come into view. These amazingly complex carvings date from around 3rd & 4th centuries BC – this is now most definitely a journey into the ancient world. The ancient city of Caunos is the centerpiece of the river trip. Here visitors can walk to the Ancient Theatre, the Roman Bath, the Temple of Apollon, and the Acropolis up the hill. With your guide wander around Caunos, to see the area high on the hill, along with the area that was once harbor front, including the Agora and Customs House.
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 Lycian Tombs, Dalyan River Turkey 
Cruise up the Dalyan River and soon the Lycian Temple Front Tombs come into view high on the Cliffside. A part of the Lycian culture, these Temple Front tombs are an amazing feat of engineering. Your riverboat and guide will top at a taverna on the side of the Dalyan River in the town of Dalyan with a view of the Lycian Tombs. Enjoy fresh Dalyan River seafood, with an outstanding view. After lunch take a walk around this little riverside town. Then Cruise back down the Dalyan River, keeping an eye out for red mullet fishermen, and Caretta Caretta, to be delivered right to your yacht, to close out your amazing experience.
For more information on this amazing trip or any yacht charter information, please contact Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters.