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Andrea Aliverti

Andrea Aliverti

Andrea AlivertiAndrea Aliverti is captain aboard the 47-foot sailing catamaran Nemo, which offers eco-friendly charters.

charter yacht Captain Andrea AlivertiCaptain, 47-foot sailing catamaran Nemo


Date interviewed: December 2011


Yours is one of the charter yachts leading the trend to offer a more eco-friendly experience on the water. I really applaud your efforts to reduce energy consumption, limit waste, and use biodegradable products wherever possible.

Thank you. We are trying to provide the same level of service and comfort that charter guests expect, but in a way that is good for the earth.

I understand that you use solar panels and wind generators for a great deal of your power needs. I also am told that you have a water system that eliminates the need for plastic bottled water.

We have a seven-filter reverse osmosis separator that makes the water from our regular tanks drinkable and delicious. The filter system is very small and under a cabinet in the galley. Guests don’t even know it is there, and they enjoy the way the water tastes.

The system can produce up to 1,500 liters of water a day, and we keep some water refrigerated at all times, too. The average charter guest drinks two liters of water per day. For eight guests and our two crew, we were going through about two cases of bottled water each day. So we are saving all of those plastic bottles while offering plenty of drinkable water for the guests.

And here in the galley you also have a Sodastream machine.

Yes, it turns our filtered water into fizzy water for the guests who want it. Why ship Pellegrino all the way from Italy and waste all that transportation fuel when you can make it right here and it is delicious?

When I tasted your filtered water, I thought it was great. Some people think that filtered water has a funny taste, but I couldn’t detect anything like that at all. It was very refreshing.

Thank you. We look forward to sharing it with many charter guests in the future.

Nemo is part of the Select Yachts charter fleet. She takes eight to 10 guests in four cabins at a lowest weekly base rate of $9,550. Any reputable charter broker can tell you more or help you book a week onboard.